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app / web redesign, ux / ui, art direction

Fangol (fan-goal) is online platform with the best selection of soccer news and memes. It is based on very short articles called throws.

They wanted to start their expansion with new app, website and branding (also in my portfolio).

Fangol is rich in content. Not only in quality but also in quantity. There are 13 type of posts (with variations) and over 60 of them are published every day.

Galeries are posts itslelf (they can be rated or commented) and contain other existing posts, photos or / and videos.

They are ended with “goodbye screen” and last comment.

The platform is living from ads, so the main goal is to show content in a way, that it can be fast and easily consumed by users, and ads will be viewed.

In app and mobile website ads are just showed between few posts (or in bottom). With website, the situation is not that easy, because desktop ads are more complex.

Best results for home page was achieved with combination of endless scroll and pagination. Every page (10 posts) begins with billboard ad and ends with rectangle ad in sidebar.

Everything is pre-loading in background, so user have feeling of continuity and doesn’t have to wait for ads or content to load.

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