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Elbąg Museum

creative & art direction,
logo design, web design,

The Museum of Archaeology and History in Elbląg have the most abundant collection of archaeological relics in Poland, which is the result of 30 years of excavations conducted in the area of the Old Town in Elbląg.

They organized a contest for new logo and brand identity.

Instead of following todays trends with generic symbols in logos, design process could look like archaeologist job – digging in history. The Market Gate (1319) is one of the most distinctive and recognizable Elbląg’s landmark. Combining it with museum initials, resulted with creation of signet deeply connected to local history.

We can look on (historical) museum’s mission as educating people about the past, by shedding light on historical facts and artefacts. And on this theme of enlightening are based all branding elements – especially by using old photo of Market Gate (with old roof) on bright color.

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