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app design, ui / ux,
animation, art direction

mBank was the first fully Internet-based bank in Poland. Today it is one of the strongest and fastest growing polish financial brands.

In order to stay a mobility icon, they pushing themselves to develop more and more innovations and mobile app is big part of it.

2 other, more standard proposals was designed simultaneously, so there was a room for experiment with mBank’s branding. And that’s how straight stripes became colorful, flowing blobs.

At the time there was no rush for big screens in smartphones and menu button on the top made more scense (than today).

There is also alternative and more organic navigation – stream. It’s accesible by scrollg home screen up or choosing bottom cards (animation below).

It contains info personalized for user: nearest ATM, near special offers, last account operations, gamification trophies and more. It can be customized in preferences.

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