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mobile design, ui / ux, branding, naming, animation, character design, illustration, copywriting, storytelling

Squiz! is mobile app, where users can play with each other in quiz rounds, in real-time.

The host of the app is mascot Smokzi – dragon, who wants to satisfy his constant thirst for knowledge.

Initially the scope of the project was pretty standard: UI / UX design, logo, icon and animations. But if You have awesome idea, why keep it to Yourself?

It ended with proposing: name change, use of a mascot, juice splashing motive with narrative involving mascot, copywriting, currency used in app (ambrosia) and grounds for marketing communication. All of it was accepted, designed and / or executed.

App is based on categories, under which users can play duels. Every category have its own icon and leading color, which is the background of icon’s tile, and becomes background of the app, from the moment of category entrance to duel’s end.

Every duel has 7 rounds, with 10 seconds per round. In addition to digits, passing time is showed with the disappearance of background’s color. All this colourfulness quenches the thirst of our dragon.

Mascot appears in many places, being the face of the game and eliminates the problem of impersonal interface.

It also drops a small emotional anchor, by triggering emotions already in first moments of opening installed app, and / or viewing its App Store / Google Play store.

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